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Full Time

Application Posted

06 Jul 2023

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer

About The Role

Create the user interface for an app, website, or other interactive media.


- Expert in design tools, e.g Figma, Photoshop, Ilustrator

- Minimum experience 3 years inUI/UX design

- Familiar with agile sectrum Ex, Jira, Gitscrum

- Stong interpersonal, comunication, presentation, and computer skill

- Clear understanding of design fundamentals 

- Familiar with Material Design and Flat Design

- Strong understanding of color, composition, shape, and space

- Strong knowledge in layouts, graphic fundamental, brand development, typography, limitations of the web, and industry best parcties

- Familiar with technical capabilities and limitations of mobile and web apps


- Communicate well with stakeholders

- Create a good user interface in accordance with the design principle

- Create UI assets in the form of icons, illustrations, key visuals-  Create system designs, style guides, typography or reusable components

- Understand all aspects of human centered design & the gestalt principle method

- Create applications and/or sites by utilizing wireframes, prototypes.

- Create and understand a clear user flow

- Arrange the layout of the existing pages in the application and/or site

- Designing the interaction of each element on the page so that it makes it user friendly

- Displays interfaces with good uniformity in terms of colors, fonts, images, animations, and more

- Iterating over the design of the application and/or site that has been created by accommodating input from clients

- Provide color, typography, images, and other design elements so that they become the final design (high fidelity) that is ready to be developed into applications and/or websites

- Maximizing user experience in digital product interface design

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