Avecca Virtual Make Up

Avecca Virtual Make Up – Augmented Reality

Avecca is brand new Cosmetic House owned by Pharos Group & Century Healthcare. By using Avecca Virtual Make Up, customer can try almost any product of available cosmetics without need to apply the realy cosmetic to their face, they can select almost any variance of cosmetic line up such as Foundation,Eyeliner,lipstick,Eye Shadow,Lipliner and still many. With very Intelligent Algorithm,  customer can combine the color and various model. The result will be showed realtime in monitor screen.

Virtual Make Up also has a very unique algorithm that allowing the program to automatically detect face & facial feature such as eye,lips,nose but still use can adjust the detection result.

Avecca Store is available on Pluit Village & Mall Alam Sutera

Client : Pharos

Project Date : June 2015